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Food Northwest offers its members valuable opportunities to network with industry colleagues at annual events, receive relevant and timely information about the industry, and gain the benefits of advocacy on behalf of members’ interests. The association's primary purpose is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Northwest food processing industry, giving members the ability to grow and prosper, gain exposure, make a difference, stay informed, save money, and have a voice. Read about our Programs and Services below.

Several types of membership are available to accommodate companies in every level of business.

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Programs & Services

Committees & Task Forces

Volunteers from Food Northwest member companies are actively involved in five industry-focused committees and task forces. These committees address the major issues impacting the food processing industry within the region. Information exchanged in committees helps member companies better understand current policies and requirements, and provides a platform for anticipating and influencing emerging policies and regulations.

Current committees: Government Affairs, Operations & Technical Affairs, Energy, Environmental Affairs, and Sustainability.

Legislative Activities

One of Food Northwest's primary responsibilities is to protect the interests of food processors in the state governments of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Food Northwest contracts with lobbyists in all three states and employs staff to coordinate legislative activities for lobbyists and representatives from member companies. Concerns identified by membership are brought to the Government Affairs Committee for review and consideration. Recommendations are taken to the Board of Directors for approval and action, providing a coordinated voice for our membership at both state and federal levels for increased effectiveness and influence.

Oregon and Washington Food PACs are independent organizations, acting autonomously on political action that supports the food processing industry. Each PAC is self-funded and organized to work on initiatives and candidate campaigns in the electoral process. Food Northwest volunteers staff and support but has no authority over funds and activities. Initiatives in Idaho are leveraged through political action groups such as the Idaho Prosperity Fund of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry.

Regulatory Activities

Another key advocacy responsibility is representation of our industry within state and federal agencies on priority issue areas. Food Northwest utilizes our committee structure as well as expertise of staff in these issue areas to recommend and comment on policies in progress. Throughout the years, the association has been instrumental in influencing changes to regulation that could have been very costly to food processors by imposing difficult or impossible requirements on the industry.

Conferences, Meetings, and Events

Each year, Food Northwest proudly produces top-notch educational, trade, and networking events to support the professional development of our membership's employees. Our premier event, the Food Northwest Process & Packaging Expo, offers a broad range of conference sessions, brings food makers on the show floor, and is the largest regional trade show in the industry.

A full schedule of our events can be found here. 

Workshops, Training, and Continuing Education

Food Northwest coordinates and sponsors a variety of educational workshops and certification courses, both in-house and across the Northwest. These courses are offered to keep our members updated and informed on issues and research relevant to the industry. We are a licensed SQF Training Center and offer SQF certification courses throughout the year. Our goal is to provide the industry with a trusted and convenient resource for their educational and workforce needs. 

Publications & Knowledge Exchange

Food Northwest members have access to many resources including updates on legislative and administrative rules impacting the industry. Issue-specific newsletters including the monthly The Bite are published along with our annual Membership Directory and Annual Report. During the legislative season, we share an inside view of the sessions with the NW Capitol Insider

Northwest Food Processors Education & Research Institute (ERI)

ERI is an affiliated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports education and research in the food processing industry through the development of an Endowment Fund and Scholarship Program. Additionally, industry research initiatives may be funded through grant awards or other contractual arrangements. Learn more here.