Association Overview

Food Northwest, formerly the Northwest Food Processors Association (NWFPA), is a trade association organized to advance the ability of the food industry to produce and deliver wholesome, safe food from the Pacific Northwest to the world. 

Organized in 1914, Food Northwest supports the food processing industry in the beautiful states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Our members include international brand names, producers of private label and institutional products, well-regarded regional brands, and locally-run family businesses. Food Northwest is one of the nation’s largest food processing trade associations, with 350+ members.

Food Northwest focuses on core priorities established annually by the membership and affirmed by the Board of Directors. These priorities are: food policy and regulation; government relations; environmental policy and regulations; energy policy and resources; workforce education and training; and sustainability. Each priority represents a basic service of the association in advocating for and updating members, and is championed by a policy manager.

Committees & Task Forces

Volunteers from Food Northwest member companies are actively involved in 5 volunteer-run industry focused committees and task forces. These committees address the major issues impacting the food processing industry within the region. Information exchanged in committees helps member companies better understand current policies and requirements, and provides a platform for anticipating and influencing emerging policies and regulations.

Association Services

The association is recognized regionally and nationally as a leading trade association and authoritative voice for the food processing industry. Food Northwest staff develops and maintains relationships throughout the industry, including with key industry stakeholders and government agencies, to form a network of authoritative resources and influence for our membership.

Food Northwest members have access to an array of tools and resources that provide up-to-date information and training on critical industry issues. Advocacy, training, issue management, print and online publications, exclusive events, professional development, and leadership opportunities, are all managed by professional staff with proven expertise. This slate of services enhances the well-being of the industry and the companies served.

The association also conducts annual events featuring speakers and programming of value to its members. Food Northwest's largest event is the annual Food Northwest Process & Packaging Expo. Our events allow Food Northwest to celebrate the great work of member companies and in our industry as we work to become industry leaders.