Energy Policy

Food Northwest's Energy Goal

In 2009, Food Northwest was the first industry group in the nation to adopt a goal to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency strategies to reduce member-wide energy intensity by 25% in 10 years and, through innovation, new technologies and new resources, achieve a total reduction of 50% in 20 years. This goal is consistent with the United States Department of Energy’s Better Buildings, Better Plants program. Our members recognize that the most effective way to manage energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time increase productivity and economic growth, is through greater implementation of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency plays a key role in sustainability and in ensuring that the food and beverage industry remains competitive.

Food Northwest Energy Committee

Energy Committee membership is open to all member management, policy, or technical personnel with an interest in or responsibility for energy and resource issues. The Committee develops and recommends association policies, positions, priorities and activities with regard to energy efficiency, resource conservation, energy supply and reliability, renewable resources, emerging technologies resource management and productivity improvements. Meetings are held in the fall, in January at Northwest Food & Beverage World, and as needed. If you are interested in Committee membership, contact Josh Monifi.

Energy Measurement Tools

Food Northwest has a Fluke Three-Phase Power Quality Logger on hand and available for check out for all its members. Need to borrow it? Contact Josh!