A New Name for an Old Neighbor

​​​​A century ago, a pioneering group of people in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington was inventing
our modern world of food.  These creative individuals sought new ways to feed the nation.  

They prepared seasonal Northwest food so it could safely travel across the country and 
be enjoyed year-round.  Their collaboration developed processes from canning 
improvements to frozen foods.

To advance the industry in the Northwest and to better serve their customers, they formed an 
association of food processors. Since 1914, NWFPA has continued to be on the cutting-edge
of scientific approaches to feeding the nation and world.

Today, the Northwest tri-state region is recognized as one of the world’s greatest sources for 
diverse, healthy, and delicious food. 
Processors no longer describes our members’ extraordinary range of food preparation and delivery.

So, we are changing our name.

Food you know. Food you eat. Food you enjoy daily. 
Food proudly made here in the Northwest.

We are now... Food Northwest

Listeria Control Checklist for Frozen Vegetable Operations

Version 2.0 is updated to reflect the FDA’s 2017 draft guidance, “Control of Listeria monocytogenes in Ready-To-Eat Foods.” Now in ‘live’ PDF format, Version 2.0 is user-friendly on electronic devices.

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Sanitary Design Made Simple

An easy-to-use visual guide developed by food safety experts to bring key sanitary design principles to the food industry's workforce. This useful tool will help you bring your production facility to the highest food safety standards. 

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