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FDA to Resume Testing of Fresh and Frozen Berries

FDA is developing a strategy to enhance the safety of fresh and frozen berries. It will identify measures to limit or prevent contamination throughout the supply chain, approaches to re-enforce control measures, and areas where research is needed. This strategy is in response to a history of hepatitis A and norovirus outbreaks linked to berry consumption. In August, FDA plans to resume collection and testing that it paused at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. FDA will collect and test about 427 more, however, it will not test strawberries as it has already met the target for these berries. In developing the food safety strategy, FDA will work with industry, academia, and regulatory partners. Click here for more information…


Food Northwest Members Aid Morrow County

Debbie Radie of Boardman Foods along with Lamb Weston, Oregon Potato and Tillamook County Creamery Association are part of a coalition to help Morrow County resident impacted by a water emergency.

A group of local businesses immediately responded to a request for assistance to help neighbors, families and workers throughout the community impacted by the water emergency recently declared in Morrow County.
The companies working under the guidance and in close cooperation with Morrow County Health officials include Amazon Web Services Boardman Food, Lamb Weston, Oregon Potato, Three-mile Canyon Farms and Tillamook County Creamery Association.
Debbie Radie of Boardman Foods, one of the organizers of the coalition of business community partners listed some of the immediate action steps including:
  • Helping the County Health Department to distribute safe drinking water
  • Assisting well-owners and residents in the process of ordering and paying for testing kits/ filtration systems
  • Providing information on wells from the Oregon Health Authority and other support
She encouraged the 1200 well-owners and all community residents to use community information resources found at as well as the Morrow County Health Department Facebook page to get the most up-to-date information about available help during the current emergency.
Starting June 20, 2022 Boardman Foods (71320 E Columbia Blvd, Boardman OR 97818) will have staff to assist in English and Spanish providing:
  • Testing bottles and a collection site for well water testing
  • Information from Oregon Health Authority for wells
  • Support and information on certified reverse osmosis filters
Tests must be collected on the same day they are sent to lab. Testing is available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s: [email protected]
Starting June 23rd Boardman Chamber of Commerce will also support the community for the same services listed above at Boardman Foods. [email protected]
“This is an issue that affects all of our neighbors -- local businesses are ready to serve and help”, said Debbie Radie.
For more information, contact: Morrow County Health Department in Heppner OR

Natural Gas: Fuel for Thought

Craig Smith, Director of Government Affairs at Food Northwest was recently featured in the Partnership for Energy Progress blog for an editorial earlier this month. Craig speaks specifically to the food processing industries approach to carbon reduction and our reliance on natural gas. Read the full editorial on Partnership for Energy Progress website here.


Reporting Deadline Near for Oregon Trucks

Businesses that operate or dispatch on-road medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in Oregon with gross vehicle weight rating greater than 8,500 lbs. must report to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality by June 30, 2022. This is a one-time reporting requirement. The objective is to get a baseline of information to inform policy decisions. To find out about reporting see TRUCKS. If you need an extension, contact Rachael Sakata at [email protected].


Washington Releases Draft Rule for Cap and Trade Program

Washington Department of Ecology’s draft cap and trade rule is out for public comment until July 15, 2022. Manufacturers who emit over 25,000 MT CO2e will be required to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as will electric and natural gas utilities and other fuel suppliers. Costs to all energy consumers in Washington will escalate as a result. Food Northwest staff and its Carbon Task Force are working this issue and will be submitting comments to Ecology. The Cap and Trade Program will begin January 1, 2023. For more information see CCA.

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