Sustainability Committee

The Food Northwest Sustainability Committee seeks to embed sustainability in food industry business practices by providing assistance and education and facilitating resources to enable companies engaged at any level of sustainability to build and advance their own plans and policies.

The Committee develops and recommends sustainability policies, priorities and activities.  It advises and guides the development of sustainability resources and programming for the annual Sustainability Summit.


FY 2017-2018 Sustainability Priorities

Communications – Top Priority

  • Communicate the sustainable actions that are being taken by food processors (show we “walk the talk”) to legislators, regulators and the public
  • Sync with Food Northwest rebranding to maximize our success
  • Use various channels:  media outlets; promote the Micro Case Studies; Food Northwest website; social media
  • Quarterly emails to members on sustainability—regulation updates, member actions/wins, etc.


  • Support Food Northwest members in developing and implementing sustainability plans and actions (through templates, metric, tools, resources and identification of technologies).  Provide member access to carbon calculators.
  • Annual update of the Sustainability Survey – increase responses to the current survey, include supply chain reporting platform

Broad Approach

  • Continue efforts to include social and economic pillars of sustainability
  • Expand on social stories:  Give examples of corporate giving, e.g., in-kind contributions to schools, cash/product donations, partner with charitable organizations, cause marketing
  • Review prior work on materiality to assess importance of key sustainability issues to inform communication and resource needs


  • Increase committee membership with objective of cross-functional makeup



Basic American Foods
Boardman Foods, Inc.
Del Monte Foods
Ever Fresh Fruit Co.
General Mills
J. R. Simplot Company
Lamb Weston
NORPAC Foods, Inc.
Oregon Cherry Growers
Pacific Seafood Group
Reser's Fine Foods
Seneca Foods
Tillamook County Creamery Association
Tree Top, Inc.


Contact Food Northwest if you are an employee of a member food processor company and are interested in joining the committee.